Saturday, June 9, 2012

The District 4 Tributes Have Been Cast In The Hunger Games

Yesterday we learned that the nameless tributes from District 3 have been cast in the upcoming big screen adaptation of The Hunger Games and today we learn that the District 4 tributes have been cast as well. Young actors Tara Macken and Ethan Jamieson have been cast as the girl and boy tributes from District [...]

Late yesterday afternoon I started feeling … under the weather (I don’t dare use the “s” word) and it turns out that I continued to feel worse and worse as the night progressed. Because I have 3 nights of Prince concerts ahead of me, I wanted to make sure that I got as much rest as possible so that I could start feeling better. Emma, Josh and his cousin Steve came over to hang out for a bit … but all I could do is pop some meds and go to sleep.

As I was waiting for my medicine to kick in, I busted out my concert ticket album and box of concert memorabilia to reminisce about the amazing Prince shows I’ve seen over the years. I got one of Prince‘s picks at his concert at the Roosevelt Hotel back in 2007 and I’ve been collecting Prince tambourines since the mid-90s. I am happy to report that I’m feeling a bit better today so I will — hopefully — be in great shape for the concert tonight. I’ll need all my strength so I can bang the Hell out of my tambourine at the show tonight.

It’s gonna be a long night for me … after the Prince concert, I’m **hoping** to stay awake for the Royal Wedding. I’m gonna do my best to bear witness but … we’ll see. Happy Thursday, y’all!!

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