Saturday, June 16, 2012

Supernatural Mommy Dearest Recap

Supernatural’s latest episode entitled ‘Mommy Dearest’ aired tonight. Get the recap here and tell us – what’s up with Castiel?! Was that a shocker or what? Details below the fold. It’s hard to believe that Cas would be the next in line to go dark side, but it’s true. Sam, Dean and Bobby have all been touched by evil at one time or another, I just didn’t think Castiel would be on the same wavelength as Crowley, who we thought was dead after Cas supposedly salted and burned his bones. One things for sure, the war in Heaven has to be pretty bad if he’s teaming up with the guy who sold his soul for three more inches in his former life. Leaving clues here and there throughout the episode, it wasn’t until the very end that we really get confirmation of Cas’ hidden agenda. After making comments about a Wayward child, Eve’s rant about collections of souls, as well as Cas’ comments about the greater purpose, and Dean dead set against working with demons and monsters, you only hope that the arrows pointing to Cas where smoke and mirrors. But that’s not so. When Mommy Dearest first kicked off [...]

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