Saturday, May 5, 2012

Is Miley Cyrus Engaged To Liam Hemsworth?

Miley Cyrus has been proudly showing off a new ring on her left hand that has many people wondering if the young pop star has gotten herself engaged to be married to her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. Last week, Miley shared a photo of the ring on her official Twitter profile that made NO MENTION of [...]

Yesterday was my first workout day at the gym and I gotta tell ya … I had a great workout. I haven’t signed up officially yet but I got a week-long guest pass to check out the Equinox gym to see if I want to join. Based on yesterday’s workout, I think I’m going to take the plunge. After I worked my buns off, I chilled out at home for a bit before David and I met up with our friend Gillian for a LONG overdue hang out session. She took us to the weirdest sushi restaurant on planet Earth. We had fun … lots of noisy, loud, boisterous fun.

So … since I started my half marathon training at the start of this month, I’ve been doing all of my running on the streets of my neighborhood. Altho we don’t live in a hilly area, the streets and sidewalks are not always level and, well, my runs haven’t always felt like the most satisfying things. Yesterday I ran on a treadmill and I loved almost every second of it. I managed to run for a longer time and for a longer distance than I have thus far in my training. Everything about running on a treadmill is easier … less impact, easier on the knees, etc. I ran over a 5k in less than a half hour and still could’ve run longer. I didn’t want to overdue it tho so … I capped my run at about 35 mins and almost 4 miles. I felt GREAT. I randomly ran into a friend from NYC at the gym who happens to be in town this week. I haven’t seen my bud Jeremy in far too long … it was nice catching up with him. After my workout, I spent about 20 mins sweating to death in the steam room … and I LOVED EVERY SINGLE MILLISECOND OF IT. I’m telling you, the steam room alone is enough to get me back to the gym. I’m not entirely sure I’m signing up just yet … but access to a treadmill will help with my half marathon training immensely.

Last night, David and I met up with Gillian in North Hollywood (where I used to live before David moved to LA) at a place called Tokyo Delves Sushi Bar. I’m not quite sure how to explain it … it’s a very loud sushi bar restaurant:

The atmosphere is like Spring Break on crack. The music is loud and blaring, the waitstaff is fun and boisterous and patrons are encouraged to dance on their chairs, slam back sake bombs and basically go wild. It was … an experience. I felt so bad for our waiter cuz we were THE most boring table in the house. That said, we did get up to dance when Don’t Stop Believing came on ;) We had fun … as always, with Gillian :)

It is cold and rainy today. So … I’m doing laundry … and taxes. UGH. Kill me now. I am not running at all today. I need a day off from exercise. I hope it’s warm and sunny where you are. Happy Sunday!

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