Thursday, May 17, 2012

Prinz Von Anhalt Has Some Pretty Amazing Names Lined Up For His Baby

So unique, you guys. We can't even believe it.
Are you ready for this?
Girl: Zsa Zsa
Boy: Frederic Jr.
Right?? Blown away!
Anyway, all sarcasm aside, Anhalt has been looking for someone to be the surrogate mother, and claims to have gotten many emails with offers. Like, hundreds of them.
The dude is dropping $100k on the process, so [...]


Check out the demo of B' new song, Girls (Who Run The World), below!!

It's just a demo but we like it! It reminds us of classic Destiny's Child. Like a 2011 Lose My Breath!

And we think the finished version will be much better!

Claude Monet
Joan Miro
Mary Cassatt
James Monroe
Richard Walker

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