Monday, May 14, 2012

Movie Review: Scream 4′

At last … after many years of hoping, praying, talking … then planning and waiting … Scream 4 finally opened in theaters here in the US yesterday. It seems like a lifetime ago that we first heard that the Scream film franchise was being rebooted with a new sequel and an ice age since the [...]

Yesterday was a really fun day for David and me. After an early showing of Scream 4 (review forthcoming), we made our way to the Gibson Amphitheater to see Janet Jackson LIVE in concert on the second night of her LA stop of her Number Ones Greatest Hits Tour. David had seen Janet twice before in concert … last night was my first … and it was AMAZINGLY fun!

Our show was no nonsense, no frills … just HIT song after HIT song for about 2 hours. The show was pretty much one big medley. In order for Janet to perform all of her hit songs — and I mean ALL of them — she had to perform them in medley format. The show started with a medley of upbeat dance songs, then cooled down with a medley of ballads before going back into more killer dance tracks. Even Janet‘s onstage dress was bare bones … jeans, a tank top and combat boots … that’s all. To be honest, I was a bit bummed that the show wasn’t a big production. I’ve seen photos from her Rhythm Nation and Velvet Rope tours and she really knows how to put on a show. This tour, tho, is all about the songs … her massive collection of hits. She did not disappoint. I was in HEAVEN singing and dancing along to all of her songs. I actually remembered and busted out the dance breakdown parts to both Miss You Much and If right there in the aisles. I had no shame, it was a blast! The show was so fun … it was an honor to see Janet live in concert :)

[Photo credit: Splash News]

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